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Back in 2004 I participated in my first two day Motivational Interviewing training. I thought it was nice, but went back to the clinic and immediatly started doing "therapy off the hip". One day I was sitting with a 19 year old male who was struggling with thoughts of suicide. As I struggled to engage him in any type of meaningful conversation, I decided to give that MI stuff a try. I was shocked as the incredible shift in the conversation and his willingness to answer questions and explore change. I knew in that moment MI was something remarkable. Years later I am pleased to be in a position where I am able to help share the powerful impact that MI consistent therapy can have on our clients. 

                                                                                   - Craig Anderson LCSW, PS,                                                                                                                                                    MINT Member

CraigAndersonMINT LLC, DBA Predicting Change has been providing Motivational Interviewing Training, as well as other training, to a variety of groups since 2005. Our real focus is to bring quality and affordable training to those more rural areas of the United States who might not others be able to access MI training without significant travel costs. We do this in three ways:

1. Live seminars in areas selected by Predicting Change that are easily accessible for those in distant locations. 

2. Private group seminars. There has not been a location yet that Predicting Change was not willing to go. We keep our travel costs and private rates reasonable for those who would prefer to host their own group seminar.         

Seminar topics include:   

                       a) Beginner/Intermediate MI Training

                       b) Advanced MI Training

                       c) Motivational Interviewing for Supervisors and Managers

                       d) The Greatest Predictor of Change; Exploring the Professional's Role in Client Change 


3. Private coaching sessions are available via telephone and webinar so that anyone with a computer and a telephone can benefit from professional coaching to help hone in those therapeutic skills. 

The work we do in the helping professions is hard enough. Yet we strive to influence lasting change in the lives of those we serve. We have learned that through MI consistent strategies, skills and techniques, we are more likely to see the reward of our hard work in the lives of others. Email us today to find out how you can create more meaningful and collaborative relationships with your clients.

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